Monday 5/30/11

Well I would like to first say Happy Memorial day, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Second, we are having a contest today. It is an important one, as we try and expand the server. The contest is whoever can take the best screenshots of the server will win the BOTD rank, plus your pictures will be featured on the site. Here are the requirements:

-Must be of good quality 

-Must be a good depiction of the world, or building

-Make sure your taking a picture of something good, not just random stuff. 

-You must have at least 3 pictures

Application:   (email me:

-Your username on the server


-(optional) description

Thank you so much, if you have an questions please ask.


SUNDAY 5/29/2011

Hey guys. Not much server news, except that the WordPress site is up. (Yay) This site is just getting started. I really need donations, we are about $20 from getting a dedicated server. Also, in 3 days the server name is changing to MCbefore. Everyone please enjoy your memorial day weekend, I know I will.If you have any questions about the name change, or anything of the sort, please e-mail me ( I will get back to you ASAP. Enjoy the server!